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Most Valuable Lesson from the Women in Red

I’ve learned a lot on the money message boards, both when they were at MSN and now at ProBoards. I haven’t used everything I’ve learned, but that doesn’t make the information less valuable. It gives me more options and options are good.

But the most valuable thing I’ve learned from Women in Red or Your Money? That you’re not alone, that a support group, even a virtual one, can be indispensible when it comes to reaching your goals.

I can be fairly certain that we wouldn’t be at the place we’re at without the support I’ve received from these boards.

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What do you want to be, when you grow up?

Before this thread devolved, there were some great stories about how people chose their careers.

Turns out, some people know what they want to do from a very young age. Some of them did that, and some still ended up in positions very different from what they envisioned and loved it.

Some went with what was practical and made money. Some fell in to careers and some just work jobs, wishing they were doing something else.

But the point is, you do not have to decide what you’re going to “be” at 18. Life takes us different places. Be open.

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We have a timeshare. Buying the timeshare was not one of the smartest things we’ve ever done, but I don’t regret it. It made our week long trip to England financially feasible. We’ve had some great weekends in the Vancouver and Victoria, BC areas because of it. Honestly, no regrets, even when I pay the dues.

But sometimes we need to remember how to say No. Timeshares give away free trips if you just attend a presentation because its not that hard to get people to say Yes. Remember, when you need to say No, say it, and no regrets.

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Repeat: Report Discrimination (even if you’re not the victim)

Discrimination is bad. It’s bad for the person being discriminated against; it’s bad for their team. Reporting discrimination is not an easy thing, whether you’re the victim or an observer, but it is the right thing.

Forget the fact that obvious racial/religious/nationality discrimination opens the company up to a lawsuit. Forget the fact that the victim could report it himself “if it bothered him”.. It bothered you. You noticed it. The rest of your team noticed it. It made you mad.

People being victimized can’t always see clearly. Do the right thing, even if it is not the easy thing.

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Weddings & Money

It is wedding season. Not just in real life, but over at Your Money as well, where a number of posters are engaged, getting married this year, or just going to weddings.

Active threads this week have included What is considered expensive for a wedding venue? (self explanatory), Wedding Debt? (a discussion about whether people would go in to debt for their wedding), Wedding UGHH (talk about how much to spend on wedding gifts), Our Wedding Gifts Breakdown (again, fairly self explanatory), and a Spin off of wedding gifts thread (about useless gifts, whether received at the wedding or otherwise).

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How do you decide?

Is it worth it?

For many people, money, which seems so concrete in its value, does not really hold value in and of itself. That can get them in financial trouble if they don’t have another way to value goods and services.

This thread talks about the system on person used after filing bankruptcy to determine whether something was worth it or not. In his case, he used his time- is this worth working X number of hours?

Other people use favorite goods- is this worth 5 cases of beer?

Whatever system you use, it’s a way of assigning value.

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Hiding your success?

Even on a money message board where we are all there to talk about money, it seems that a lot of people are afraid of actually talking about money.

I got a promotion a year ago. It came with a significant raise.

If I were going on a cruise, it would never occur to hide the information in case friends and family looked up my trip to see how much I spent. If they wanted to know, they could ask me.

I do not think money should be a taboo subject, and I’d actually like to work toward changing that.

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Is the Recession Over?

One of my husband’s favorite sayings is “we’re all going to be eating rats”. He uses it whenever we go out to a shopping center or restaurant and there aren’t many people there.

Things do appear to be picking up. Is the economy that much better? Are people just tired of not spending? Is it that there are now fewer places to shop/ eat, so there’s a higher concentration of people in the places that are open?

I still don’t think people are back to spending “like the good old days” as this thread asks, but consumer behavior is changing.

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Love your job?

Young adults get a lot of career advice, advice along the lines of “find your passion”, “love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life,” etc. It sounds great, but for most of us, I’m calling bullshit.

For one, no matter how much you love your job, some days will be work. And for others, turning their passion into their job just causes them to lose the passion.

So, no, for those of you who are wondering, you don’t have to love your job. You have to like it well enough to go back on Monday.

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Don’t quit your job without a plan

This is an older thread that I wanted to link back to because I think it contains some very good information.

The gist: even if you’re unhappy and not working to your potential, it’s not a good idea to quit you job if you don’t have another job lined up or savings in place to cover your bills.

Also, people lose a lot of sympathy for you when you play the I’m too special, you don’t agree with me so I’m going to take my ball and go home card. Everyone is unique- the corporate world doesn’t care; grow up.

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