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Most Valuable Lesson from the Women in Red

I’ve learned a lot on the money message boards, both when they were at MSN and now at ProBoards. I haven’t used everything I’ve learned, but that doesn’t make the information less valuable. It gives me more options and options are good.

But the most valuable thing I’ve learned from Women in Red or Your Money? That you’re not alone, that a support group, even a virtual one, can be indispensible when it comes to reaching your goals.

I can be fairly certain that we wouldn’t be at the place we’re at without the support I’ve received from these boards.

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Women in Red Racers

When you become a racer, you decide what debt you most want to get rid of, then go write down the exact amount of that debt- no fudging, no rounding. Each month you track what you’ve paid off.

The captains keep track of it all and do weekly shout-outs and awarding smiley faces to encourage the racers.

Sometimes you’re the hare- we paid off a full 1/3 of our race last year. And sometimes the tortoise- expecting it to be another 4 years before our race is won. But you have a goal and people to help you get there.

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Controlled / No Spend

I have been a member of the Controlled / No Spend board since last February. This board does for my budgeting what my critique group does for my writing. They take what I have, point out the good, and show me how to make it better. They offer the moral support to say no, I do not need a trip to the vending machine or company cafeteria today.

The ladies there take a holistic approach to finances and understand that the complicated bits of our lives can have the biggest influence on how, when, and where we spend our money.

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Women In Red

On Dec 30, 2009, I decided I needed extra motivation and accountability when it came to paying down our debt. We didn’t know how long unemployment would last, and debts that had seemed like no big deal when we were both working loomed menacingly overhead.

I started with the Women In Red message boards whose purpose was to help women get out of debt (men are welcome). I became a Racer, someone with specific debt payoff goals.

Today, I’m linking to the new home of the WIR. It’s a nice place to visit, and a great place to stick around.

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Goodbye, MSN Money Boards

MSN is closing its Money Message Boards. As of January, they will be gone, and years of advice, hundreds of ideas, will be memories.

Who knows why MSN is doing this. They’re a huge company, and I’m certain it makes business sense for them, but its leaving a community of people stranded. Luckily, one enterprising soul set up a new board for the MSN Money Board Refugees, and it appears the community will remain strong.

Now the challenge is to keep bringing in new blood. From now on, my Friday post will link to an interesting conversation happening over there.

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