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Canucks Win

I know they were playing the defending Stanley Cup champions, and I know they have had a hard time beatingChicago, especially in the playoffs, but this was supposed to be easier for the Canucks. They were the number one seed in the west going in to the playoffs, playing the number eight seed. They won the first three games easily. But game six went into overtime and the Hawks tied the series at 3 each. It was 1-0 Canucks until minutes before the end of the game. Luckily, sudden death overtime in game 7, the Canucks pulled it out.

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In Honor of My Brother’s Birthday – Stanley Cup Playoffs

Last night, the Vancouver Canucks had the chance to sweep the defending Stanley Cup Champions, the Chicago Blackhawks, out of the first round of the playoffs. They failed- miserably. After winning three straight, the Canucks lost, 7-2, and for that last point, the Hawks weren’t trying to defend.

With the series lopsided in one direction, and the game lopsided in another, the final period was an exercise in what do we call/ don’t we call for the refs.

Tonight, my brother’s favorite team, the Detroit Redwings also have the chance to sweep. Will they have better luck than the Canucks?

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New Jersey Devils

It’s Stanley Cup playoff time, and I love it. I am a New Jersey Devils fan because of Martin Brodeur, well, actually because of what a sports writer wrote about Brodeur. It was during the Patrick Roy era, and I was being introduced to hockey. A friend of mine, who played goalie, was helping me pick a team to cheer for in that year’s playoffs, and we came across an article that began “If Roy had a cousin, an identical cousin…” and was about Brodeur. I wish I knew who wrote it, because I owe that person a thank you.


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