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D&D Encounters: Dark Sun (Final)

Dark Sun has wrapped up. We managed to make all 15 sessions of the 2nd round of Encounters and had a good time doing so. Our DM did make the mistake of telling us that one of the groups in the earlier Encounters session had killed the big boss in the first round. I wouldn’t say we took that as a challenge, but when we realized it might be possible in our encounter, we went for it. Our four man group also killed the main boss in round one, and I never even attacked him. Now, the journey is over.

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D&D 4e: Revenge of the Giants – Requiem for a Companion Character

Goodbye, Scott, my faithful squire. You died heroically, not only helping prevent a primordial from being revived, but also allowing us to acquire a piece of the divine engine, which, if assembled, our enemies would use to resurrect another primordial. We shall miss your healing, and your ranged basic attacks. I am sorry we had to kill you a second time, but when the awakening primordial turned you into a chill zombie…

I never should have asked you to move into melee combat with the Frost Titan, but your sacrifice will not go unremarked, nor will it be soon forgotten.


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D&D Encounters: Dark Sun (6)

Three cosmic sorcerers really change the way an encounter works. I almost felt sorry for our DM. (We love Will.)  An encounter with the gith lasted a surprise round plus 1.5 regular rounds. I, as Classy Barcan (as opposed to the two other Barcans), and having rolled the lowest initiative in the group, did not need to act in the second full round.

I finally earned my moment of greatness by using excise from sight to make a cliff face invisible to the enemy. I realize that’s pushing things, but our DM (we love Will) is willing to reward creativity.


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Role Playing vs Roll Playing

I used to be a better role player. I know I was. I have great memories focused on the character relationships in different game systems (WarHammer FRP, Feng Shui, Werewolf), run by different GMs for different groups.

I blame 4e and miniatures for some of it. But most of it is me. I don’t seem to be capable of immersion anymore. I know longer play just for the love of playing. I play to spend time with my friends. RPGs have become my board games, but I’m still enough of a role player at heart for that to bug me.


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