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D&D 4e: Revenge of the Giants – Requiem for a Companion Character

Goodbye, Scott, my faithful squire. You died heroically, not only helping prevent a primordial from being revived, but also allowing us to acquire a piece of the divine engine, which, if assembled, our enemies would use to resurrect another primordial. We shall miss your healing, and your ranged basic attacks. I am sorry we had to kill you a second time, but when the awakening primordial turned you into a chill zombie…

I never should have asked you to move into melee combat with the Frost Titan, but your sacrifice will not go unremarked, nor will it be soon forgotten.


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D&D 4e: Revenge of the Giants

On Saturday we played in an episode of the Revenge of the Giants campaign. The whole session was mostly a single combat. Sometimes, the party should run away. We didn’t party wipe. Not a single character was reduced to 0 HP. In fact, none of us even used our second wind.

But, if you are 14th level and are in the midst of fighting three level 17 Dire Winter Wolf Iceclaws and two level 18 Winter Wolf Frostbreaths when a level 21 Remorhaz shows up and swallows your Halfling, running really shouldn’t seem like a bad idea. (The Halfling survived.)


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