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Doggie Drama

Our Beagle has an infection of some sort. Sadly, it’s one that does not want to clear up and has been going on for over two weeks now.

We just got back from our 4th visit to the vet for this problem, and our 4th round of injections. Amazingly enough, Junebug still likes the vets.

We started on a weak anti-biotic, then went to a stronger one, and now we’re at the granddaddy of doggie anti-biotics- Baytril. Hoping this finally gets those swollen glands back to normal, and we can stop the vet visits (at least for a little while).

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I am apparently not home enough. At least according to my Beagle, who decided that instead of typing this post, I should be paying attention to her. She is small enough to jump on my lap, and so up she came. However, she’s big enough that she can’t really settle. She’s constantly having to shift her weight in order to stay balanced on my thighs and knees. This is not an issue on the couch or in the recliner, but on the computer chair, its precarious. So off the computer I get in order to give the puppies some love.

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Updating Life by Pets

I started Life by Pets because I was thinking a lot about Moree dog and reading about how “dogoirs” were currently so popular. So why not try to have my own “dogoir”, or more accurately, a “petoir”, a blog dedicated to telling stories about my life as it intersected with the lives of the pets I have spent my life with.

The problem has been, I have not been disciplined about making regular updates. The goal for the new year is to post on a MWF schedule. The current plan is to write the coming week’s posts on Sunday night.


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Walking the Dogs

My dogs have become entitled. We used to never take them on walks, due to Moree’s on-leash aggression. We did go to the dog park on a regular basis, and Moree and Smokey would run to their hearts’ content (or legs’ failure). After we lost Moree, we got a puppy.

The first time we took her to the dog park, she tried to leave with another family (and their puppy). So, we started doing daily walks in order to drain some of her energy. Now, if we’re both putting on shoes, the dogs are convinced they’re going on a walk.

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