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No purpose other than discrimination

The Obama administration has not been perfect. I’ve had problems with some of their decisions. However, there are others that keep hope alive for me, and this is one of them.

The Administration has sent a brief to a California court, urging it to find the federal Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, and to rule in favor of a federal employee who is suing over health insurance benefits for her same sex spouse.

So now, not only is the Administration refusing to defend DOMA, its actively working to bring it down. This makes me very happy. This I can support.


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We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Posts…

I was all set to watch the season finale of American’s Next Great Restaurant last night, but was unable to. Our regularly scheduled programming was interrupted with breaking news- Osama bin Laden was dead, and his body was inUScustody.

I’m not certain I agree with the commentator’s comment that this is the most important moment in the current Presidential term. I still think passing health care reform was pretty major. But this is the moment that pretty much guarantees Obama a second term. The timing, with scheduled troop withdrawals and movement in his cabinet, turned out pretty perfect.


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