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MythBuster (ep 175)

Modern explosives are stable- especially ones carried by the military- you know where they have to possibly carry them through a warzone in a pack on a soldier’s back? Yeah, the military is not using anything that blows up on impact. I don’t know that I’d want to cook with it, though, even if you can.

LOVED the throwing guillotines, though I really thought Grant might end up losing a finger. I was glad Tory’s simple design was the one that worked best because it actually seemed like something that could have existed in the era the myth was from.

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MythBusters (ep 174)

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a MythBusters where everything was plausible or confirmed. Even with that, here are the lessons I took away from the episode:

Guys who operate excavators are crazy. Actually, I’ve met a number of heavy machine operators, and I think crazy might be a good adjective for all of them. They say don’t try this at home, but they only got these “myths” because the excavator guys already had.

I would rather take a ride in the duct tape sailboat than in the duct tape plane. I can swim, but I can’t fly.

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MythBusters (ep 173)

People naturally walk in circles, who knew? Apparently lots of people since that was the actual myth Adam and Jamie were testing. I did wonder why they used the earphones, blocking out additional sensory information. This wasn’t a myth about people who couldn’t see and hear walking in circles, just about people who couldn’t see. I think it would’ve been a truer test without blocking hearing.

Watching a truck go flying at 300mph toward a parked car in slow motion is cool. But no explosion. Apparently, there’s a reason special effects people choose to work with this stuff- it’s safe.

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MythBusters (ep 172)

I want a Newton’s Cradle- the one with the 2.5” ball bearings or even the 6” ball bearings. Something that could double as a coffee or dining room table would be fine. However, we weren’t surprised by the largest scale results. Energy may have been directly transferred in to the steel plates, but it doesn’t travel in a straight line, it disperses in three dimensions, meaning the concrete absorbed a lot of it.

For the tipping point of the car, we thought they should have started with tethering and overbalancing the car then pulling it back to the balance point.

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MythBusters (ep 171)

Welcome back Mythbusters!

My biggest problem with the car vs motorcycle for “greenest” mode of transportation, comes from understanding the California Emissions standards. Cars are subject to them, but motorcycles obviously have different standards. If cars from states that don’t require the stricter CA emissions criteria were used, the results might be very different.

Love that RPGs really only destroy what is in front of them, and that a bullet can set one off, but only if the RPG is already armed. I think if I were in high school today, I might be dreaming of attending New Mexico Tech.

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No More Cable

We’re considering giving up cable television. I should rephrase- we’ve decided to give up cable television (once I get through the shows saved on our DVR) and not replacing it with anything, except, perhaps, Hulu Plus.

Between Hulu’s paid service, Netflix streaming, and the cable websites themselves, we think we might not miss out on anything. Well, with one exception- I have yet to find full episodes of the current Mythbusters season online. And that’s honestly a pretty big deal for us.

But our Comcast bill is $150/month. That could drop to $20-30 with just internet. Wouldn’t that be nice.

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MythBusters (ep 170)

I was not surprised by the result Adam and Jamie got regarding floating on your back instead of treading water to survive an underwater blast. The military generally knows what they are talking about when it comes to keeping soldiers alive.

We also watch Deadliest Warrior, so we already knew that paper armor worked, but it was fun to see the ways in which the Build Team chose to test it. However, when it came to crawling along a rope over water wearing armor (paper or steel)- who thought that would be a good idea? Shouldn’t someone have common sense?

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