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My Democracy Problem

I have not written about Egypt here, or Tunisia, which may seem strange considering I write about Lebanon. I wish the people of Tunisia and Egypt the best and truly do hope they will be able to form working democratic governments that can be an example to the rest of Africa and the Middle East.

But, at least in Egypt’s case, I am afraid that their democracy will be 51% of the people enslaving 49% of the people. I see hope in Lebanon because they have 3 strong factions to balance. In Egypt, right or wrong, I see another Iran.

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Posted by on February 13, 2011 in International Politics, Politics


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Lebanon’s Day of Rage

I’m going to keep coming back to Lebanon. The people are upset about where the government is going, and there may even be a rival government forming. I would normally say that I don’t condone violence, but if democracy has ever had a peaceful birth, I’m not aware of it.

When the people are willing to fight and die to found their government, that’s when a democracy or republic can actually work, because the people are invested. They say birth is a beautiful thing. If you want to see democracy born in the Middle East, keep your eyes on Lebanon.

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Posted by on January 26, 2011 in International Politics, Politics


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