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Game Review: Once Upon a Time…


I’ve owned Once Upon a Time… for a few years now, but didn’t get around to playing it until recently. And while it is a game, so someone does win, winning is secondary to game play.

Each player has 7 cards with fairy tale elements on them, and one or two cards with endings. The goal is to tell a story that uses all your elements and leads to one of your Happily Ever Afters. Other players have cards that will let them interrupt and take over the story, steering it toward their endings, creating a convoluted (but fun) tale.


editors note: This was supposed to be published on Saturday, but I accidentally put the wrong date  in when I scheduled it to publish. Sorry about no post yesterday.

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Video Game Advertising

Video games, much like D&D a generation ago, are fighting the perception that violence in the games leads to violence in the real world. The industry is trying to police itself with the ratings system, to keep the government from getting involved. Given that, you would think that a game would not advertise itself by showing video game violence in the real world. Apparently not. The new Assassin’s Creed commercial shows people on a modern city street being attacked. Note to the Assassin’s Creed advertising folks- we’re really trying to keep video game violence out of the real world. Thanks.


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Dominion (for the win)

My mother bought us a copies of Dominion and Settlers of Catan as early Christmas gifts. (Its like I’m a kid again.) We’ve played one game of Settlers, which is fun, but takes some time. We’ve played at least six games of Dominion, at least 4 in a row this evening. Besides being fun, and quite quick paced once you get the hang of it, no one game of Dominion is exactly like another because of the randomness. So far its been four player games, but I see some two player games in our future. Quick and lots of fun.

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