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Ode to Al Davis, Asshole – RIP

I am a Raiders fan. I have been a Raiders fan ever since my older brother became one 25 or more years ago. I had no idea who Al Davis was, no real idea about football, just that we hated the Broncos, and the Raiders hated the Broncos, so we loved the Raiders.

It’s really perfect logic for a Raiders fan.

The NFL wouldn’t be what it is today without Al Davis, and part of that is precisely because the man was an ass. “Just Win, Baby” isn’t the motto of a “nice guy.” And, you know what, that’s okay.

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Only 3-0 Team in our Fantasy Football League

I don’t live in the market where my favorite football team plays, but I do live in the same time zone, so if the local team is playing, I can guarantee that I will not see my team play.

Fantasy football means that I don’t just care about one or two games a week. I care about a lot of them- either because I have a player in the game or my opponent does. It also makes it easier to convince the husband he should put up with me watching football all day on Sunday, because suddenly, he cares, too.

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NFL football is back! And I have Aaron Rodgers on my fantasy team, so I’m one happy camper. I know football is violent. I happen to like violent sports- roller derby, ice hockey and football. But at the same time, all of these sports can be played with finesses, with minimal violence, and those games are the best.

Definitely happy with the opening game of the season- very few penalties, great plays on both sides of the ball, and well, Aaron Rodgers is blowing up the fantasy score!

I predict a very good year for fantasy football in my house.

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Late: Weekend in Review

I hate being sick. Nothing seems to go right when I don’t feel well, today being a case in point. I just have not felt like writing an entry. Coming up with a topic, let alone writing 100 words, has just seemed like too much work.

So here’s a (late) hodgepodge from the weekend:

I’m excited for a Super Bowl without Brady or a Manning. I’m thinking Packers/Steelers.

I have the best massage therapist. I wish I could afford to go more often.

I still love roller derby, and am thrilled that they’re getting full write ups in the Examiner


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Seahawks vs Saints

I am a Raiders fan, so despite living in the Seattle area, I was not expecting much from the Seahawks in this playoff game. I wasn’t offended by their losing record, like so many (though the Raiders were 8-8), but I really was assuming a blowout.

The game started as expected, with the Saints scoring on their first two drives, one of them coming from a Hasselbeck interception. But then, Hasselbeck was able to answer touchdown for touchdown, and the Hawks defense finally showed up.

It’s just a reminder, record doesn’t matter in the playoffs, just who wins this game.


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