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Respect for Marriage Act

Respect for Marriage. I like that. Because really, did marriage ever actually need defending? When people are willing to fight for the right to marry, I’m pretty certain marriage is in good shape.

Diane Feinstein has cred on this issue. She was one of only 14 Senators  who voted against DOMA to begin with. And, now, unsurprisingly, she’s the one to sponsor the bill to repeal DOMA.

Thank you, Senator, for the respect you’ve shown on this issue.

The fact that Obama is endorsing the Respect for Marriage Act is the icing, but you’re the baker.

Equal means equal, always.

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No purpose other than discrimination

The Obama administration has not been perfect. I’ve had problems with some of their decisions. However, there are others that keep hope alive for me, and this is one of them.

The Administration has sent a brief to a California court, urging it to find the federal Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, and to rule in favor of a federal employee who is suing over health insurance benefits for her same sex spouse.

So now, not only is the Administration refusing to defend DOMA, its actively working to bring it down. This makes me very happy. This I can support.


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DOMA is about Discrimination, not Dollars

Personally, I’m thrilled that political pressure can lead a large law firm to deciding to back away from the defense of DOMA. Nor am I the least bit surprised that the lawyer who is working so hard to defend it (now at a new firm) is a former solicitor general under George W Bush.

But don’t try and make this a budget issue. It’s not. Pelosi’s quote that Boehmer needs to think about this $500,000 contract is ridiculous. Its 6 figures when our debt is 13 figures. If 1 trillion were $1.00, half a million would be 1/20,000 of $0.01

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