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Doggie Drama

Our Beagle has an infection of some sort. Sadly, it’s one that does not want to clear up and has been going on for over two weeks now.

We just got back from our 4th visit to the vet for this problem, and our 4th round of injections. Amazingly enough, Junebug still likes the vets.

We started on a weak anti-biotic, then went to a stronger one, and now we’re at the granddaddy of doggie anti-biotics- Baytril. Hoping this finally gets those swollen glands back to normal, and we can stop the vet visits (at least for a little while).

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I am apparently not home enough. At least according to my Beagle, who decided that instead of typing this post, I should be paying attention to her. She is small enough to jump on my lap, and so up she came. However, she’s big enough that she can’t really settle. She’s constantly having to shift her weight in order to stay balanced on my thighs and knees. This is not an issue on the couch or in the recliner, but on the computer chair, its precarious. So off the computer I get in order to give the puppies some love.

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Mythbusters on Colbert

Mythbusters on Colbert! I loved this interview because it reminded me of something I noticed when we saw Mythbusters Live- Jamie doesn’t like to talk, or Adam just likes to talk so much more. Except for the brief bit about his dog getting confused by the MI masks, Jamie didn’t talk. It was all Adam.

I am kind of hoping they’ll use that footage of Jamie’s dog, though, and do a myth about how dogs recognize people. Those of us who’ve had a dog go blind know how much they use their eyes, but most people think its all scent.


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New Routine

I’m getting up a half hour earlier on weekday mornings. We have a new dog in the family, one with a higher energy level, who needs more exercise in order to remain a well behaved. So I’m getting up and taking him on a short walk every morning before work. Its nothing major, 5-10 minutes long, depending on how much he sniffs around, but its been nice. The extra bit of exercise helps me wake up, and is helping me bond with my new puppy (he’s three, so not a puppy except in the sense that they are all puppies.)


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Westminster Night 2

In the sporting group, it would be nice if, just once, a retriever could win the group. Not super surprised by the Portuguese Water Dog winning the working dogs (politics do matter), and as for the terriers, I was thrilled to see the American Staffordshire make the short list. I wish it would’ve won. The Staffordshire breeds have a bad rap, and as a pit fan, it would be nice to see one of their foundation breeds get better press.

As for Best in Show, I am thrilled with the Scottish Deerhound win, even if its not a herding dog.


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Westminster Night 1

I like dog shows. I am a fan of at least one breed in every group, but I think everyone has a group that speaks to them as a whole. For our roommate, it’s the sporting dogs- Labs and Goldens. For me, it’s the herding dogs- Aussies and Borders, GSDs and Corgis -who were shown last night. I’m also partial to the hounds- Beagles.

A Scottish Deerhound took the hounds, and a Bearded Collie took the herding dogs.

Also shown last night, toys and non-sporting. The important thing to know- there will not be a Poodle in Best in Show.

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They’re called “dogoirs”, and they’re all the rage. I thought they were books about people and dogs. The article title references Steinbeck, and talks about some modern “dogoirs” but skips my two favorite authors of this genre.

James Herriot: For an animal lover, all his books are worth reading, but Dog Stories is the one I love best.

Jon Katz: I’d argue that more than Marley and Me’s author John Grogan, Katz started the current trend of life with a dog books. A Dog Year, his second work to feature his dogs, came out in 2002, three years before Marley.


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