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D&D Encounters: Dark Sun (Final)

Dark Sun has wrapped up. We managed to make all 15 sessions of the 2nd round of Encounters and had a good time doing so. Our DM did make the mistake of telling us that one of the groups in the earlier Encounters session had killed the big boss in the first round. I wouldn’t say we took that as a challenge, but when we realized it might be possible in our encounter, we went for it. Our four man group also killed the main boss in round one, and I never even attacked him. Now, the journey is over.

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D&D Encounters: Dark Sun (6)

Three cosmic sorcerers really change the way an encounter works. I almost felt sorry for our DM. (We love Will.)  An encounter with the gith lasted a surprise round plus 1.5 regular rounds. I, as Classy Barcan (as opposed to the two other Barcans), and having rolled the lowest initiative in the group, did not need to act in the second full round.

I finally earned my moment of greatness by using excise from sight to make a cliff face invisible to the enemy. I realize that’s pushing things, but our DM (we love Will) is willing to reward creativity.


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D&D Encounters: Dark Sun (5)

Encounters really is a great way to introduce new players to D&D. I had known this in theory, but this week learned it in practice. We brought my 18 year old cousin to the game with us. She had never played before, but with the premade characters she was able to determine what kind of character she wanted to play.

The single challenge format keeps the game from going too long, and even though we’re 11 sessions in, third level means character sheets are easy to understand.

She enjoyed herself enough that she wanted dice, so we bought her some.


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D&D Encounters: Dark Sun (4)

Three encounters in to second level on Athas. We followed an ankheg hole below the desert and have found ourselves in a dungeon of sorts. Up until this point it had all been rough hewn, possibly created by giant worms, but full of the dead who came back to life.

Tonight, though, we fought through a crystal spider web and entered an obvious dungeon, created by intelligent beings for a specific purpose. What that purpose was, we do not know. What we do know is that the crystalline creatures that were guarding the place are now shards beneath our feet.


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Weather and D&D Encounters: Dark Sun (3)

It’s like Seattle has turned in to Athas. Well, maybe not, Seattle is 95 today, and asphalt is definitely a blight, but we’re supposed cool down soon. Athas, on the other hand is a desert world, where it goes from 120 to below 0 as night falls. And blight is caused by the misuse of arcane magic.

Currently I’m holed up in my room with a fan trying to keep cool, keeping the monster dogs at bay and trying to rest, while our D&D Encounters characters have been trapped in an Ankheg hole, taking an extended rest and leveling up.


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D&D Encounters: Dark Sun (2)

Four encounters in, one more before we level, and Athas is still a dangerous place. I have no healing surges left going in to our final encounter against the first level boss, and of our eight players, I think we have less than four people who still have their daily power.

Our DM, while joking about trying to kill us all, is actually a great DM who tries to introduce the fear and tension without actually playing against the characters and actively trying for a total party kill.

I’m having a good time, and even getting in some role playing.


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D&D Encounters: Dark Sun

I went to my first session of D&D Encounters tonight. It is the start of the second round of Encounters, and is giving us a preview of the soon to be released renewed Dark Sun setting.

I’m playing the sorcerer. At 1st level, this character does equivalent damage to my 15th level bard/paladin (seriously).

Since Dark Sun is a post-apocalyptic world, it is one we have a soft spot for. Tonight, in the initial encounter, the world tried to kill us with lizard men and sandstorms. We prevailed, but barely, dragging one of our muls on a tarp behind us.


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