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Perceptions in Advertising

It’s funny to me what different people notice about the same thing. There’s currently a Toyota commercial where a guy walks out to an empty driveway and the car is built around him. I hate it because it starts with check text messages and FaceBook, and I don’t think that’s something you should be doing while driving. That doesn’t bother my husband, because the guy’s still in the driveway when it happens.

What does our new roommate notice about the commercial? When he adds a dog, then a bigger dog, both are wearing doggie seatbelt harnesses. That I can support.

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Not the Message You Meant to Give

Have you seen the 5 Hour Energy commercials? The ones that talk about how coffee gives you a caffeine crash, which is bad, so you should drink 5 Hour Energy instead?

The ones that talk about how it takes too long to make or buy your coffee in the morning, so you should instead drink 5 hour energy instead?

I find the commercials annoying since people who can’t function without their coffee have the coffee maker set to automatically brew it.

But forgetting that, I was very amused by the 5 Hour Energy car parked outside my Starbucks this weekend.

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Why the Hate?

I like it when companies take pride in their product and where they’re from. That’s a good way to sell me something, or at least earn my goodwill toward your company, even if I’m never going to be your target audience. In that sense, I’m predisposed to liking the Cadillac commercials celebrating their Detroit heritage.

But being proud of yourself does not mean you have to hate on other places. I understand saying your not one of the “famous” cities- New York, Chicago, but the line “and we’re certainly no one’s Emerald City”- why the hate on Seattle? Not needed.

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Not a Jerk

Commercials in general are getting to me recently. I would like advertisers to know that I’m not a jerk, don’t want to be a jerk, nor do I want to be associated with jerks. Why would you think otherwise? But they obviously do. The current crop of cell phone commercials (Sprint especially) show that people who use their products are inconsiderate asses. Why do they think that makes me want to own their product? Maybe they believe that deep down I want to behave that way, and so owning their product will give me an excuse? So not the case.

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Stop Excessive Spending, but No One’s Ever Asked for a Smaller Gift

(More ranting against luxury car commercials.) I hate the current advertising slogans. Its like the people who write these things do not live in the real world.

Acura wants us to put an end to excessive holiday spending and buy an Acura. Perhaps they do not know what excessive means?

Lexus tells us that no one ever wanted a smaller gift. They apparently don’t have wives or girlfriends who have ever dreamed of the perfect diamond earrings.

I know I’m not the target audience, but having a slogan that actively makes me dislike you doesn’t seem like a good plan.

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Surprise! It’s a 5 Year Loan

Luxury car commercials always annoy me to some extent- who needs real silver dust polished in to the dashboard? But around the holiday season, it’s worse.

Every we have the conversation regarding one of us buying the other a car as a gift. And the decision is- don’t do it, bad plan. Even if you can afford to pay cash for a car (which most of us can’t), does this really seem like a good unilateral decision? (Then there’s the Buick commercial where the wife gets the husband a car and he’s all happy until he sees a new Buick…)

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Corporate Charity

It feels wrong to have a pet peeve against any kind of charitable giving, but I do. I have no problem with companies who advertise how much they have donated. I have no problems with the “for each purchase we’ll donate” programs. Its when the two are combined that I get annoyed. For each purchase we’ll donate $X (up to $XXX).

Here’s the thing, if you have a limited budget of $XXX to donate, donate it. But if you’re asking me to purchase (or do) something in order to “earn” the donation of $X, don’t put a limit on it.

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