Finished Watching: BattleStar Gallactica (new version)

Finished watching the last season of BattleStar Gallactica on Netflix last night. Overall the show was really well done. I remember how hooked I was during the first two seasons, how it was must watch television.

But this fourth and final season, it seemed like they were trying to do too much, like they had a ton of story ideas and instead of concentrating on the best ones, they decided to throw them all in there. Heck, the mutiny could have been a season (or a summer web series, like New Caprica) all on its own. Instead, barely two episodes.

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Culling the Wardrobe

Every Wednesday I wear the exact same sweater. It has short sleeves and is a cardigan type, so it can be worn in the summer over shells or in the winter over long sleeved tops. It is kind of striped in various shades of blue, so it goes with every pair of slacks I own. I love it, and it always helps me get over the hump day blahs.

I’ve worn it every Wednesday for 6 months or so. If anyone has noticed, no one’s said anything. I take this as proof that I can cull my wardrobe without ramifications.

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MythBusters (ep 174)

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a MythBusters where everything was plausible or confirmed. Even with that, here are the lessons I took away from the episode:

Guys who operate excavators are crazy. Actually, I’ve met a number of heavy machine operators, and I think crazy might be a good adjective for all of them. They say don’t try this at home, but they only got these “myths” because the excavator guys already had.

I would rather take a ride in the duct tape sailboat than in the duct tape plane. I can swim, but I can’t fly.

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Can I be done now?

It’s one of those “when it rains, it pours” weeks. At work, it’s been a week full of little issues, combined with it being the month my projections are due, generally with a less than 24 hour turnaround time from when I get the final data from last quarter.

In addition, today my mother-in-law goes in for total knee replacement surgery. She’ll be in the hospital for 3-4 days and then in a skilled care facility for another two weeks or so.

And then, my husband got food poisoning and spent last night sick.

Can the week be over, please?

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Movie Review: Knights of Bloodsteel

I know it’s true that there is no such thing as a truly original story. And I know the classic tropes are classics for a reason; still, it would be nice if people could try and inject a little originality into their characters.

Knights of Bloodsteel was a 2 part Syfy event, lasting somewhere between 3-4 hours long. The story itself wasn’t bad, but every single character was a classic trope, and a badly written one at that. (Nor was the acting great.) But really, did the loner swordsman who was “not from these lands” really need a Scottish accent?

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Ode to Al Davis, Asshole – RIP

I am a Raiders fan. I have been a Raiders fan ever since my older brother became one 25 or more years ago. I had no idea who Al Davis was, no real idea about football, just that we hated the Broncos, and the Raiders hated the Broncos, so we loved the Raiders.

It’s really perfect logic for a Raiders fan.

The NFL wouldn’t be what it is today without Al Davis, and part of that is precisely because the man was an ass. “Just Win, Baby” isn’t the motto of a “nice guy.” And, you know what, that’s okay.

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Or, as I prefer to think of it- giant, ancient Cuttlefish! The actual Cthulu monster!


So I realize that there’s a lot of speculation in this. But I am in love with the idea that an ancient Coleoidea was killing ichthyosaurs and dragging them to its lair. It just brings out the fan girl in me.

And there is good science involved. The evidence at this time is mostly circumstantial, but since soft bodied creatures do not leave fossils, we are pretty much forced to speculate about their past existence. I hope to hear more evidence of the kraken soon.

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