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Queen of my Domain

Pondering having my own website where I can have all of my writing endeavors housed under one roof. Considering there are two other blogs besides this one and the micro-fiction site, plus the 100 Words Project book and my fiction writing, this seems like it would make my business cards simpler, if nothing else.

Playing around in Publisher this morning to create the home page design. I’ll happily use wordpress for the blog pages, but I want the home page to be uniquely me. And it is nice to be able to design it myself without having to learn html.

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Meta Post

On Saturday night, as I was falling in to bed at 12:30am (technically not Saturday anymore), I realized that I had never put up a post for that day. I felt bad, but mostly tired, very tired.

On Sunday, at critique group, I mentioned I was considering changing this from a 7 day a week blog to a week day only set up. The non-verbal reactions of my group quickly brought home the point that that would be a bad idea.

So we will remain at 7 days a week. And I will try not to miss any more days.

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Growing my Blogs

Decided this week to put more effort into increasing blog traffic on my pet and personal finance blogs.

For Life by Pets, I joined the Pet Blog Directory and started linking to some other pet-centric sites that I read. I’ve already gotten a comment from a new reader, so that’s rather gratifying.

Over at Baking the Budget, I joined the Yakezie Challenge. It’s a group of personal finance and lifestyle bloggers who provide support to each other. In order to become a full member, I have six months to greatly increase my traffic.

Some changes may be in the works.

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It’s apparently the time of trying new things here. In addition to switching to Google docs for the writing I do on my laptop and preparing to dump cable, I’ve also created a Google+ account. I won’t dump FaceBook, but I like some of the features of Google+.

My only real problem is that Google+ won’t allow a gmail address to be a secondary address on your account. That means I can’t combine my personal account (with my 15+ year old hotmail account) to my blogging account. Maybe this will require me to create a unique blogging Google+ account. Pondering.

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It’s summer, the time of goofing off, relaxing, and not keeping to any set schedule. I can use that excuse right?
I need more discipline. I should write more. I should exercise more. I should clean more.
Okay, only one of those things actually sounds like fun- writing. And yet…
In conversation with the June winner at Fiction in 50, he asked me why I don’t submit a piece each week. I used the 3 other blogs as an excuse, but truth is, I have time to write 50 words a week. I just need the discipline to do so.

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Weekend Posts

I’ve decided not to stress if weekend posts aren’t up at 8am. It’s still be my goal to get them written the night before and have them auto-post, but if it doesn’t happen, I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I do this for fun. It shouldn’t add stress to my life. As long as a post gets up sometime in the morning on weekends, I’ll call it good.

This plan will allow me to sleep in on weekends without feeling like I should get up and get a post written. Instead, I’ll write it when I’m ready.

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Bonus Content: Trying to get back on track

My head has just been off this week, for no particular reason that I’m aware of, but it has, and it’s really translated to this blog. I don’t think I have had a single on time post all week. I doubt there are many of you breathlessly waiting at 8am for my latest post, but at the same time, people like consistency. I haven’t been delivering. I’m sorry.

I’ve taken today as a “mental health” day, and hope that by having a long weekend, by being able to take things a little slower, will help get me back on track.

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Happy Anniversary!

Today is the first anniversary of this blog. 349 posts and 4,371 views later, I’m going to call it a success. It took me a while to get in the post a day habit, and, naturally, today’s post is going up late.

It took a little while for readership to grow, too. This month alone, there have been almost as many views (1086) as there were total in the first 8 months (1224). Almost three full quarters of the views have come since January. With this kind of growth rate, I can’t wait to see where we are next year.

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Thank You, Readers (here are your stats)

Yesterday I reached 1,500 all time views on this blog. It took 266 days to get there, giving me an average of 5.64 views per day since April 30.

This month has is my best month ever in terms of viewership. With 10 days still to go, I’m already at 25 more views this month than my previous best month. With 275 views in 21 days, January has averaged 13.1 views per day.

So I want to thank you all for coming here. Thank you to those who comment. And please, keep coming back, and comment more. I love feedback.

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Updating Life by Pets

I started Life by Pets because I was thinking a lot about Moree dog and reading about how “dogoirs” were currently so popular. So why not try to have my own “dogoir”, or more accurately, a “petoir”, a blog dedicated to telling stories about my life as it intersected with the lives of the pets I have spent my life with.

The problem has been, I have not been disciplined about making regular updates. The goal for the new year is to post on a MWF schedule. The current plan is to write the coming week’s posts on Sunday night.


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