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What I’m Watching: The New Girl

I think Zooey Deschenal is just adorable. (I think the same thing about her sister Emily on Bones.) I really enjoyed the Tin Man on SciFi, and was excited to see her new sitcom.

The pilot has a number of sweet and very funny moments. I loved the douchebag jar, and was sad that it didn’t seem to make an appearance in the second episode.

I’m not really certain what point her best friend, the model, has in the series so far, but hope to see that relationship a bit more, even as Jess’s relationships with her new roommates develop.

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What I’m Watching: How I Met Your Mother

We didn’t start watching How I Met Your Mother when it first started. Don’t ask me why, I love Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris. The first episode I saw was the slutty pumpkin. But we still didn’t watch regularly.

I’m not certain when How I Met Your Mother became can’t miss TV for us, but it has. It seems these last two seasons that it’s starting to wind down. My only request is that we meet the mother BEFORE that last episode. Let the last episode be their wedding, if necessary, but let us get to know the girl.

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What I’m Watching: Supernatural

Geek girl eye candy- that is what this show is- with enough of the real supernatural and urban myths to keep my husband happy. Just like with Michael Weatherly, I fell in love with Jensen Ackles on Dark Angel.

Dean is definitely my favorite character, though in recent seasons, Castiel has been moving up. Misha  Collins definitely adds to the eye candy.

I am a little concerned that they might be trying to do too much this season, with two big bads in the Leviathan and Lucifer. I think the show worked better when the focus was, well, more focused.

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What I’m Watching: NCIS

We started watching this in reruns onUSAand ION. There was a year, while we were still catching up, that Tuesdays meant 4-5 hours of NCIS in a row.

I have been in love with Michael Weatherly since Dark Angel. Yes, Mark Harmon is the show, but I don’t think it could last without Tony, either. While Tony is partnered with Cait and later Ziva, he is, in fact, Gibbs’s partner. The show, and the team, would not work without both of them. I am thrilled that in the last few seasons we’ve started going more into Tony’s past.

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What I’m Watching: Big Bang Theory

I am a geek. Most of my friends are geeks. That means that if feels like I know everyone in this show. Even though none of us are in academia, every single one of these characters is more relatable to me than anyone on Friends ever was.

Christine Baranski as Leonard’s mom might be my favorite guest starring role on television, and casting Mayim Bialik as Sheldon’s love(?) interest was pure genius on the part of the producers.

It boggles my mind that the man responsible for this show is also responsible for the awful Two and A Half Men.

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MythBusters (ep 171)

Welcome back Mythbusters!

My biggest problem with the car vs motorcycle for “greenest” mode of transportation, comes from understanding the California Emissions standards. Cars are subject to them, but motorcycles obviously have different standards. If cars from states that don’t require the stricter CA emissions criteria were used, the results might be very different.

Love that RPGs really only destroy what is in front of them, and that a bullet can set one off, but only if the RPG is already armed. I think if I were in high school today, I might be dreaming of attending New Mexico Tech.

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What I’m Watching: Castle

I fell in love with Nathan Fillion on Firefly and Buffy, so naturally when I heard he was getting his own show on regular network television, I knew I would watch. I loved Castle from the beginning because of the cheese. We assumed, though, that it would only last a season. We first realized we were wrong when my mother mentioned she watched the show. Hmmm, maybe there was a chance.

Last Monday marked the start of Castle’s 4th season. The cheese is still there, but the characters have also developed nicely, and there’s great tension between the two leads.

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