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Pirates’ Booty

The Queen Anne’s Revenge Project– let’s just start with saying how cool is that for a name? Someone asks what you are doing, Oh, I’m working on the Queen Anne’s Revenge Project. Instant cool.

And not only is the name cool, what they are doing is cool. They are recovering artifacts from one of Blackbeard’s ships, run aground off the coast ofNorth Carolina.

And if you have ever played Sid Meier’s Pirates, you’ll love this tidbit- historians believe that Blackbeard purposely scuttled the ship because he could not afford to fleet of four ships and over 400 pirate followers.

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Geek Girl Con: Writing Through Real Life

I attended 2 panels at Geek Girl Con.

I could’ve been on the panel for Writing Through Real Life. Their advice was advice I’ve given, though I’m at a point in my writing that I need to hear this stuff again, from people outside my regular critique group. The content was solid.

 I should’ve been on the panel, or the panel shouldn’t have been made up of people from the same MFA program. This wasn’t meant to be a recruiting event for one, or any, MFA program. It was supposed to be about finding time to write in real life.

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Colleges and Credit Cards

I remember being shocked last year, when I saw a college freshman’s student ID card was also a credit card- a regular Visa card that could be used anywhere, not just on campus. So I wasn’t too surprised by this thread about student loan money being given out on a credit card.

Colleges, especially state colleges, keep having their budgets cut, so they’re looking for money from everywhere, including credit card companies.

Do I think this is good for teenagers getting their first taste of freedom, not really, but the solution isn’t yelling at colleges, its teaching teenagers about credit.

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Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt has been in the news again. The reality of college is changing. More and more employers expect a college degree, even for entry level jobs, and colleges are becoming more and more expensive. It is becoming less and less possible for students to pay their own way through school working part time and getting federal aid. It creates this space for private lenders to mortgage the future of the next generation.

And this wouldn’t be YM if there weren’t at least a couple mentions that loans are okay for Pharmacy school, but not for an English degree.

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Bonus Science Content: Math is for Boys

I’m not certain if I find this funny or sad.

This is an article about a new study from the University of Washington which tells us that children as young as second grade have absorbed the stereotype that girls aren’t good at math, that math is for boys. It contains some useful hints for helping your daughters overcome this stereotype, while at the same time, falling prey to it.

“…if she works at [math], she CAN be good at it.” The line assumes that all girls are naturally not good at math. And they wonder where the stereotype comes from.

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Why Geek Girl Con is Important

As a society have built up attitudes regarding what girls and boys are supposed to be good at. This article details a study that shows just how important it is for girls to have female role models in math and science. Girls are more actively engaged, try harder, and honestly believe they can do the math when they see other women do math. This is true even when the girls are better at math than the boys. If they only see men, it does not matter how skilled the girls actually are, they don’t believe they can do the math.

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Math is Hard

I started college as a secondary education math major. I wanted to teach high school math. I switched majors after getting a D in Calc II, the second time I took it.

Now, my math skills are being put to the test. My husband is back in school, in the deep end, taking a calculus and physics class. He often talks out the math problems with me and has me double check his algebra.

I am relearning calculus, and having to remember how trigonometry works. At least my algebra skills are strong, since those are what I am using most.

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