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Perceptions in Advertising

It’s funny to me what different people notice about the same thing. There’s currently a Toyota commercial where a guy walks out to an empty driveway and the car is built around him. I hate it because it starts with check text messages and FaceBook, and I don’t think that’s something you should be doing while driving. That doesn’t bother my husband, because the guy’s still in the driveway when it happens.

What does our new roommate notice about the commercial? When he adds a dog, then a bigger dog, both are wearing doggie seatbelt harnesses. That I can support.

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Doggie Drama

Our Beagle has an infection of some sort. Sadly, it’s one that does not want to clear up and has been going on for over two weeks now.

We just got back from our 4th visit to the vet for this problem, and our 4th round of injections. Amazingly enough, Junebug still likes the vets.

We started on a weak anti-biotic, then went to a stronger one, and now we’re at the granddaddy of doggie anti-biotics- Baytril. Hoping this finally gets those swollen glands back to normal, and we can stop the vet visits (at least for a little while).

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So Glad Today is Tuesday

Monday was a Monday. I’d been off work since last Tuesday, came in late and had a meeting to go to after I tried to catch up on all emails. I came home find out our Chevy didn’t come with a jag or a lug wrench. The VW’s jack worked, but its lug wrench would not fit. So we called roadside assistance who changed the tire for us and then we took it to Les Schwab and got a new tire.

After that, our beagle spent an hour running around through some blackberries.

I was so happy for new TV.

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Return to the Sea

Yesterday, a giant sea turtle was returned to the sea, healthy, and apparently happy to be back.

I like this kind of story. Given that endangered species are in general endangered because of humans, it’s nice when we’re also responsible for saving one life.

Granted, the poor thing was probably injured by a boat to begin with, but we don’t know for certain. Surfers brought the turtle to shore and a lot of people worked very hard to save his life. I love that an orthodontist was brought in to put braces on his shell to help close the holes.


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I’ll still be here after the rapture

There is a belief among some that one week from today, the rapture will occur. This might cause a dilemma if you are a devout Christian and animal lover who worries that your pets might not have a soul (and therefore won’t be taken with you).

Never fear, atheists are willing to come to the rescue. There are at least two different services who, for a fee, are willing to promise you that one of their network of non-Christian volunteers will come and get your pet, promising that it will be taken care of for the rest of its life.

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Ode to a Quiet Saturday

Every once in a while, its nice to have a quiet day. Yesterday we did laundry and dishes, changed the light fixture in our room. We only left the house to take the dogs to the dog park.  Dinner was simple pot stickers and rice, and the evening ended watching the anime series Fruit’s Basket.

It was just one of those days that we really needed to wind down, after a couple weeks of being really social and having places to be.

And, there is nothing that makes me smile at the end of a day more than sleeping puppies.


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I am apparently not home enough. At least according to my Beagle, who decided that instead of typing this post, I should be paying attention to her. She is small enough to jump on my lap, and so up she came. However, she’s big enough that she can’t really settle. She’s constantly having to shift her weight in order to stay balanced on my thighs and knees. This is not an issue on the couch or in the recliner, but on the computer chair, its precarious. So off the computer I get in order to give the puppies some love.

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