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What I’m Watching: The Sing-Off

We miss the first half hour of The Sing-Off because we’re watching How I Met Your Mother, but after that, it’s the definitive choice for filling the time until Castle comes on.

I appreciate the skill it takes to be an a cappella group. There were times last season when it sounded like some of the groups had bands backing them up.

I like the judges on this show more than any judges other than those at The Voice. Ben Folds is terrific. Their critique is constructive and overall positive. How’s that for a concept? Help your singers get better.

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Great Live Performances: BOWI @ A Terrible Beauty

We normally only catch BOWI at the Faire. But they are a local band (and we even have a friend in common) so we made an effort to go see them at a pub that is quite near us.

The pub performance is superior for one main reason- instead of doing one 30-40 minute set, they do four 40-45 minute sets. We stayed for two of them, but then it was a little late for us, so we headed home.

We will be back. BOWI was great, and A Terrible Beauty, the pub they played at, was a nice venue.

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Great Live Performances: BOWI Band

My favorite part of the Renaissance Faire is seeing the live performers, especially the musicians. I love traditional music and hearing the variations the different performers put on the songs I already know by heart.

One of our favorite groups to see perform live is the BOWI (Band of Wandering Idiots) Band. They have a new CD out this year and performed a number of songs off of it. The Highwayman, in particular I really loved, but the whole thing is good stuff. Plus, their live performances are all about having fun, which is what I’m about, too, at Faire.

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Mumford & Sons and Flogging Molly

We’ve really kind of fallen in love with Mumford & Sons. Given that we’re fans of folk and Irish music, it’s not really surprising. What is surprising to me is how much air play they’re getting on main stream radio and music television.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. They just don’t fit in the mold of most of what seems to be out there right now. Instead, they’re traditional.

Though it does amuse me that Pandora plays a lot of Mumford & Sons on my Flogging Molly station. Apparently Flogging Molly isn’t flagged as punk, only as Irish.

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Rock Band

We recently bought Rock Band 3. We’ve been enjoying it so much, we bought the keyboard for it. Now I have to wait for it to arrive via UPS. But I am very excited. I figure I may even be able to play on hard on keyboard, since I actually know how to play a keyboard.

We also ordered Lego Rock Band, and I’m excited for that to arrive, too. Tons of great songs (including The Final Countdown by Europe). Almost all of our entertainment dollars this summer have gone to Rock Band. I’m not complaining. It’s entertainment that lasts.

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Rock Band

Bought Rock Band 3 for the husband as part of his birthday gift. We’ve been playing it a lot recently and really enjoying ourselves. We’ve downloaded some songs from the network (Flogging Molly and Stroke 9) as well as other songs newly available (Fleetwood Mac). There has been singing and guitar and drum playing. Now at the point we’re considering a keyboard purchase.

My favorite video games have always been cooperative, so I think, that even if the music games are falling out of fashion (as the Game Stop guys claimed), we’ll be playing Rock Band for years to come.

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Pandora <3

I know, I’m late to the party. I’m ALWAYS late to the party, at least when it comes to a lot of pop culture. Just this month, I started listening to Pandora. Pandora, which no one has heard of, which was why they just had their IPO…

Anyway, big surprise, I love it.

I’ve created a number of stations, but my two favorites are Flogging Molly station and my Rhianna/Justin Timberlake station. DH has created an Afghan Whigs station that he likes.

I’m happy to have musical variety that is almost all upbeat to get me through the work day.

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The Voice – Final Results

Javier’s duet was most definitely my favorite, but that might have more to do with the fact that I like Stevie Nicks better than I like any of the others. He held his own next to her, not an easy task, given her distinctive voice.

With Nakia out, I did not care much who won. Javier is certainly radio ready, and I wish him the best of luck.

My favorite judge was Blake Shelton. Every time he performed with his team, it was about showcasing his team, not himself. That was not the case for any of the other judges.

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The Voice (10)

There was a lot of music in the finale, which I liked. Still, I couldn’t help thinking what Nakia could have done with an original song.

If I heard any of the individual performances on the radio, I would not be bumped. Everyone seemed consumer ready. The one stand out was Dia. With all the others, I’d hear them on the radio and not know (or really care) who was singing. Dia’s voice is one that will always be recognized.

I think the producers are hoping for Vicci, though, as she once again got the final, and most memorable, performance.

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The Voice (9)

Okay, I guess it made some sense. All the peopleAmericavoted through to the semis were the people they voted through to the finals. Its reasonable. I am still annoyed. Nakia was the best performer, pretty much from the beginning. Funny thing is, I’m betting on Vicci to win.

I like the fast pace on The Voice. My only issue is this part of the format. Even at the semi-final level, singers are only competing against the other singer from their team, not all the singers. Nakia was certainly top 4 material.


MythBusters tomorrow, financial message board post Saturday.

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