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New Jersey Devils (2)

I haven’t talked a lot about hockey this season because my Devil’s have been terrible. After granting Kovalchuk a CBA altering contract, the team lost for the first half of the season. In fact, it looks like they might miss the post season for the first time in 14 years, since I became a fan.

In this second half, they’ve started picking up and are on a winning streak, but I think its too little, too late.

Luckily, I have a secondary team, the regional Vancouver Canucks to cheer for, too, and they are at the top of the heap.


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New Jersey Devils

It’s Stanley Cup playoff time, and I love it. I am a New Jersey Devils fan because of Martin Brodeur, well, actually because of what a sports writer wrote about Brodeur. It was during the Patrick Roy era, and I was being introduced to hockey. A friend of mine, who played goalie, was helping me pick a team to cheer for in that year’s playoffs, and we came across an article that began “If Roy had a cousin, an identical cousin…” and was about Brodeur. I wish I knew who wrote it, because I owe that person a thank you.


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