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Poll on MSN: Do you think boys should get vaccinations for HPV?

As of 1:11pm on Tuesday, 29% answered: No, the government should stop meddling with our lives.

 The current anti-vaccine movement is killing me. Not literally, but it will kill our kids. Vaccines were created to prevent terrible childhood diseases that killed thousands of kids. The government mandates vaccines because the health of future generations is a matter of national importance.

The HPV vaccine prevents CANCER.

 Personally, I think the only exceptions allowing people not to get vaccinated should be health ones. (And not the vaccines cause autism BS.)

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Crowdsourcing Science

I’m a huge fan of crowd sourcing. In my own life, I sometimes get so caught up in a problem that I stop seeing it clearly. An outside source, even (especially) one who knows nothing about the problem, can often provide insight that I need to solve it.

And that’s why I love the idea of using a video game to help solve actual scientific puzzles. In less than ten days, doing this in their free time, because they enjoy it, players of the video game Foldit, solved a molecular mystery that had been stumping scientists for over ten years.

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Return to the Sea

Yesterday, a giant sea turtle was returned to the sea, healthy, and apparently happy to be back.

I like this kind of story. Given that endangered species are in general endangered because of humans, it’s nice when we’re also responsible for saving one life.

Granted, the poor thing was probably injured by a boat to begin with, but we don’t know for certain. Surfers brought the turtle to shore and a lot of people worked very hard to save his life. I love that an orthodontist was brought in to put braces on his shell to help close the holes.


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Career Plan

I like having a plan, even for things that are years out. I have now been in my current position for a year, so it is time for a career plan.

In another two to three years, I want go to work for an international health organization. Someplace like PATH, which has headquarters in Seattle would be good, though the husband wouldn’t mind if I looked for a company in Oregon or the Bay Area.

That means that I need to join the Associate for Operations Management and get some of their certificates sometime in the next year or so.

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Healthcare = Happiness

Recently the results of the first year of an ongoing study about the effects of providing people with state run healthcare were released. This is run through a lottery that allowed some people who normally wouldn’t be eligible to apply for Medicaid.

Short term findings: Providing health coverage cost the state more. People given coverage accessed preventative care but still used ERs just as often. However, those people took fewer sick days from work and reported greater overall happiness.

It’s a promising start, and I look forward to long term results, when I suspect costs will start to go down.

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HIV Prevention Drug Trials Halted in Africa

A major trial of a pill meant to help prevent HIV infection has been halted. Given how rarely drug trials are truly successful, this news isn’t surprising, but it is sad.

Women inAfricararely have options when it comes to protecting themselves from the virus. This pill was hope that they could finally exert some control over their health and the health of their children to be. Sadly, the results show it isn’t working. The women given the real drug and the women given the dummy pill are being infected at the same rate.

On to the next study.


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Taking care of you

There are a number of controversial threads going on YM this week, but I wanted to talk about this much simpler (and shorter) one. How much is your smile worth?

For people who are really involved in debt payoff, wealth building, net worth, and assets, it can sometimes be hard to remember that we really do need to invest in ourselves. $10,000 is a lot of money. I don’t know anyone who would argue it isn’t. The question is, are you worth it? Is keeping your own teeth and having good dental health worth $10,000? With or without dental insurance?


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Professional Responsibility

I am a fan of sports, specifically, sports where there is a lot of hitting- roller derby, hockey, and football. And while I am a fan of these sports, I do have concerns about the health of the players, especially around concussions. But I am even more concerned about concussions among the youth players of these games.

That’s why, even though I am not a Penguins fan, I am thrilled with the Pittsburgh Penguins’ new program to provide baseline concussion testing for all youth hockey players in the city. We can change the culture when we start with the kids.



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In South Dakota

In South Dakota, there’s a 48 hour waiting period before purchasing a handgun. No permit is required. Police record who buys the gun.

In South Dakota, there’s a 72 hour waiting period before receiving an abortion. Anti-abortion counseling is required before the waiting period starts. Religious groups, who are not bound by privacy laws, record all the women who come in for counseling.

I’m not against real counseling, but it should be done by healthcare professionals who are bound to protect their patients’ personal information. And I don’t think it should be easier to obtain a gun than an abortion.

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South Dakota Says Its Okay to Murder Medical Personnel

Self defense laws already give us the right to kill to protect ourselves and our loved ones in cases of imminent danger.

So the purpose of this new South Dakota law? To give my brother the right to kill the MD who will provide my abortion, my ex the right to kill a volunteer at a clinic. That’s it.

Until we find a way for men to be pregnant, for their health to be at risk, they should have no say in whether or not I get an abortion. And they certainly shouldn’t have the right to kill medical providers.

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