Movie Review: Tangled

07 Sep

The songs weren’t that great (though I did love the duet in the boat) but for once, the songs were not what made this movie. I loved Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, but without the musical numbers, those movies wouldn’t have been nearly as good. That wasn’t true of Tangled.

Tangled was a fun coming of age romance with or without the music. The animals were appropriately cute and personable (loved Maximus who was more like a dog than a horse). And, of course, it was perfect that the hero was willing to sacrifice himself for her freedom.


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2 responses to “Movie Review: Tangled

  1. Zen

    September 7, 2011 at 5:41 am

    I actually loved the songs. xD The “I Have A Dream” one is pretty funny. And Rapunzel and Flynn are two of my absolute favourite Disney characters.

  2. AR

    September 10, 2011 at 7:39 pm

    Nice read! I definitely agree with you about the music parts and definitely feel the movie would have been great with our without the musical numbers. Oh and little Maximus was so cute! He had me constantly laughing! I didn’t get to see this movie in the theaters and pretty much forgot about it until I saw it on Starz on my DISH Network line-up the other night. I am so glad I recorded and finally watched it because it really is now one of my fav Disney movies now! Plus getting to watch it in my TV provider/employer DISH Network’s HD mode made the wait for it even greater! Check it out at! 🙂


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