A House Full of Gamers

07 Mar

My living room was recently filled with discussion of the good and bad points of just about every MMORPG any of us have ever played, with the exception of Neocron.

Would you believe, there are things we miss about Everquest- like the concept that there can be more than two factions, but no one misses travel time. I think every game should have super jump, like City of Heroes, but the choices at character generation can be overwhelming. Eve is apparently the game to play if you can get a group of friends to agree to just hang out together.


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One response to “A House Full of Gamers

  1. eric

    March 9, 2011 at 10:12 pm

    eve is amazing if you have a group of people that can play together. the missions get pretty boring by yourself. with a group you can do so much more in what is a very hostile environment with pretty steep penalties for death (losing your entire ship and all of your gear).


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