I Heart the Constitution

29 Jan

I love the Constitution, every word and 2/3s. I love the Federalist Papers, and I even love the Articles of Confederations. Why? Because they aren’t perfect. Because nothing and no one is perfect.

So our founding fathers struggled, and their successors struggled, and have continued to struggle, to this very day. We grow, we adapt, and our government changes! But we don’t throw out the old, we keep it; we keep it for everyone to see. We keep it, because our government is based on a solid principal, the goal of forming “a more perfect union”, and we’re getting there.

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One response to “I Heart the Constitution

  1. Charles

    January 31, 2011 at 8:37 pm

    I kinda love that the constitution as we know it is the accepted version of a document that was copied many times. And just like any copy by hand, there were mistakes, periods missing here or there, commas astray, etc. And without the original, we may never know the exact thing. It’s just neat.


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