MythBusters (ep 149)

14 Oct

We were back to old school MythBusters tonight, just Jamie and Adam and a couple small builds. It was nice to see their joy and the simplicity that made me fall in love with the series again.

I did see a couple problems with their final personal tornado protection tent. It lost its “wing” for the second round of tests, having to bolt the spiked piece to the frame made it less portable, less adjustable (for changing wind speeds), and the whole thing seemed to take a long time to set up. I’d want something a little quicker to deploy.


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One response to “MythBusters (ep 149)

  1. Ellen

    October 16, 2010 at 7:02 am

    I liked the episode a lot. I’m less concerned about portability, as the likely market for this might be news crews (in a van) and people without adequate storm shelters, like folks in Texas where the high bedrock means you can’t dig a basement.

    BTW, Steve and I looked at the delayed air date on this, as it appeared to have been filmed over a year ago. We’re guessing it was to file their patents.


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